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4 Tips to Get Recognized for Promotion

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January 16, 2018 // 9:00PM EST

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TIP #1 Gain an Entrepreneurial MINDSET

My techniques will help you stay focused on what counts and cut the drama. Learn to execute on point. 

Stuck in a job with no joy, find out what to do NOW to prepare for your next steps. And how to focus the skills you are developing today with your future goals in mind.

AND, you will be thinking feeling & doing different starting TODAY. Be ready for a total mind-shift.

TIP #2 How to BRAND Yourself

Implement my 3 simple rules for branding yourself and see a dramatic results in recognition and achievment! What would your boss or your peers say about you behind closed doors? 

My tips will make you feel 100% confident that you've branded yourself in a professional way that gains respect.

Tip #3 Know Your Strongest SOFT-SKILLS

Every successful team has individuals that contribute collectively and individually. 

You must know your skills, strengths & weaknesses to stand out as a valuable team player. Do you know yours?

You don't know what you don't know! Words to live by. I will teach you what you don't know about Soft-Skills. This will change the way you work forever.




Career & Empowerment Coach

Princella Stringer, MHRM

As a Career & Empowerment Coach, I take your gifts and talents, strengths and weaknesses and help you get laser focused on how to stand out for promotion or how to get ready for that level-up position. With my HR background in management and non-profit, I have helped 100's of people clearly define the how to's in nailing their dream job. As a woman with a history of single motherhood, I know the road can be tough. But with a little support YOU CAN NAIL IT! 


"Princella has in incredible ability to encourage those she works with and guide them in the next step. I have worked along side her in the Jobs For Life program. Client that have went through the program show increased strength, self esteem and courage to take the next step to improve there lives and careers. She will be a gift in your journey."

- Melanie Page-Wood, M.A., L.P.C., CAADC, ICAADC Owner, Therapist at Bright Hope Counseling Center

"Princella is a highly effective communicator with a heart for people. She has a deep desire to help people improve their position in life through coaching and empowerment. She has the innate ability to hold her clients accountable while encouraging them to be their absolute best."

- Lisa DeJong, Vice President of Sales at CE Competitive Edge

"Princella is a powerful coach and motivator. Her work at Mosaic in guiding clients into the work place has given her the footing for coaching single mothers in their pursuit of purposeful work, while effectively balancing the role and responsibilities of single parenthood. Princella's compassion and healing will come through to every woman who seeks her services."

- Jacqueline Blackwell M.A., Psy., Behavior Coach, Austism Spectrum Specialist at Amazing Learning Center

"During Princella's time as the director for the Jobs for Life program I worked with her as a presenter to her students. Princella was ALWAYS organized, timely, and a pleasure to work with. I also saw Princella interact with her students, other Mosaic participants, and service providers. 

Princella had the trust and respect of everyone. She was able to work with participants with little to no training in job and life skills and get them prepared for the workforce, with many of them continuing to hold down their first full time jobs thanks to Jobs for Life and Princella's coaching. Princella also worked extremely well with other service providers and professionals, growing the program and gaining respect throughout our community."

- Elizabeth McCree, Attorney at Law & Owner of Historical Reform LLC