P.S. Limitless Woman

February 23rd, 2019 | 11am | Benton Harbor, MI


Four women decided to get together to plan an event for local women to share an experience that will inspire and empower women of all backgrounds, career levels to find her LIMITLESS self! Students, singles, stay-at-home moms, mompreneurs to executives all have a limitless experience within them! Let’s explore what your LIMITLESS looks like. Read below to find out more about our speakers! 



Meet Our Speakers & Support Team

Evangelist Pamela Buford
Evangelist Pamela Buford


As a sought after Evangelist, Spoken Word Artist & Motivational Speaker Pamela is often described as Original, Authentic, Transparent, and Inspiring!

Contact information available upon request

“Onspecialassignment” – Pamela WHATWHAT

Kim Jorgensen Gane
Kim Jorgensen Gane

Writer Speaker Activist

Karen Martin
Karen Martin

Enduring Wellness and Pilates

Karen’s passion is to empower others by transforming their quality of life.

25+ years Pilates and Fitness Instructor, Wellness Coach
BA in Psychology, University of California at Berkeley, University of Phoenix
enduringwellnessandpilates@gmail.com | +1 269-921-1398

“Self care is not selfish, it’s essential for living a life full of vitality!” – Karen Martin

Princella Stringer
Princella Stringer

Princella Stringer LLC, Life Coach

Her passion is to guide woman to recognize their innate ability to achieve anything she dreams to achieve.

20+ years in managerial or director roles
6 years as a trained Career and Life coaching
BA in Organizational Management, Ashford University & MA in Human Resources Management, Walden University
princella@mrsprincella.com | +1 269-921-2477

“Nothing should, nothing can stop you when you believe in your worth!” -PS

Erica Chriss Wheeler
Erica Chriss Wheeler

Daytalus Consulting

Providing event, marketing and data management solutions.

6.5 Years Whirlpool Corporation
10 Years at Educational Talent Search of Lake Michigan College
Graduate of Grand Valley State University & University of Phoenix
daytalus.ec@gmail.com | +1 269-281-3923

Erica brings a unique evaluative perspective of living a limitless life with purpose and dedication to enjoying the journey.

“Know you worth, then fight for it!”

Want to Speak at a Future P.S. Limitless Woman Event?

If you have a story to share and a method you’ve used to find your Limitless-self, reach out today. We are actively planning our future events!

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P.S. Limitless Woman Schedule

February 23rd, 2019

11:00 am


Take a moment to enjoy our non-alcoholic mimosa bar and a healthy snack! Mix and Mingle with guests and speakers.

Welcoming Performance

With Pamela Buford

Be affirmed and inspired with a spoken word piece featuring one of our speakers! These gifted words embodies why we’ve joined together!

11:20 am
Erica Chriss Wheeler


With the help of our moderator, let’s get started with the days event.

11:30 Pm
Princella Stringer

Our first speaker, Career & Life Coach Princella Stringer will share her story of never claiming her voice until now. She will also guide you through steps to identify your limitless-self. 

11:45 Am
Karen Martin 


Local Pilates Instructor and Wellness Coach, Karen will share tips & techniques to unwind. She’ll guide us through a freeing experience to nurture our limitless-selves.

12:00 PM
Pamela Buford  


As a spoken word artist, Pam knows the power of words. She will guide you through an activity to capture your most meaningful word rooted within your limitless-self.

12:00 PM
Kim Jorgensen Gane 


Author, speaker, activist- “Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea, And That’s Okay!” The power of story telling…PERMISSION GRANTED to be AUTHENTICALLY YOU!!

12:30 PM

With Erica Chriss Wheeler

Erica Chriss will share her take-away’s from today’s events. We invite you into our “Experience Booth” to share what your take-away’s were!

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Where It’s At:

Oak Room at the Citadel

91 Hinkley St,

Benton Harbor, MI 49022


Thanks to our sponsors for making this event happen!

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