About relationships in the workplace…

Colossians 3:23 NIV “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

If you are someone who struggles with relationships in the workplace, this piece of scripture can change EVERYTHING, if you allow it. Personality differences are challenging, so are opposing managerial ideals, micro management, etc. Whether it is a peer, a subordinate, or your boss- somewhere along the line these challenges have popped up from time to time.

While it is true that conflict happens for some more than others, either way, take a deep look in the mirror on your contribution to a relational outcome that is less than desirable. Your right, they are wrong, they may even be the rudest person you’ve ever worked with OR they may be misunderstood.

Set aside feelings of confusion and assumed intention. Do not fall into the trap of story building in your own thoughts. Because when we can remove the emotional side to the story, we remove the “story”. The story built up in your mind. If we are being honest sabotage does happen. Sometime others DO want you terminated. However, “work at it with all your heart”, do your best work. Hold your work ethic to a higher standard. Work as you will be presenting your works efforts to the most important person in the universe. Would you hold your head high because you know your work is good.

The moment you feel discontentment, the moment you are doing your less than best, check yourself. When you work for human masters self doubt creeps in. When you work to please the boss insecurity weights you down. Especially if relational conflicts are in the mix.

Remember there is only one being to fear. One being to idolize, look up to, counsel with. One being to please. Work for the Lord and all else falls to the side.