Will The Real Me Please Stand Up…

We often hear people say, “I’d tell you if something is wrong.” But, would they? Would you? Have you walked away from a situation and either wished you spoke up or you spoke up but did not speak your real truth? There are real challenges when speaking your real truth. Especially as a single mom or in young motherhood. Here are some truths in boldness to support you to speak your truth…

No one wants to cause drama.

No one likes to feel rejection.

No one enjoys hurting peoples feelings or get feelings hurt.

AND no one…

Wants to admit a fear exists in being self.

Embraces tough feedback very well.

Wants to cause drama that would lead to trauma.

Enjoys feeling rejected.

Wants to see hurt in someone.

So, how do we speak out and be true to our identity while avoiding the potential drawbacks to speaking out?

One- know what is important to you.

Two- know who is important to you.

Three- know who else gets impacted by you and your actions.

Four- know your desired persona or character and live up to your own high expectations.

Five- know your language (your voice), when to use it, and how to use it.

While I have always had difficulty swallowing gagging inauthentic political correctness. I am learning to understand when to speak out and when to hold it in. In many cases, knowing when not to speak up is more powerful than speaking up. I have learned in how to be my authentic self and to remain fueled by love, grace and God’s strength.

If you want more on this topic, please leave a comment below. Do you want more (A) workplace authenticity, (B) family authenticity, or (C) both? Also, include more details on relationships where you are struggling in being authentic. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.