How Do Single Mommas Prep for the Workforce?

What are soft skills you may be asking? In essence, soft skills are people skills, self- and people management skills. Career Builder notes that an “overwhelming majority of companies say soft skills are just as important as hard skills.” The survey conducted by the recruiting solutions giant noted 10 of the most popular poignant soft skills.

I have a list of five categories inspired by Career Builders list. The following are umbrella soft skills that will benefit family and work!

Entrepreneurial Mindset– Treating your job as your responsibility or your business will skyrocket your mentality. It will get you noticed and it will organically demand respect. How does this affect the home front? When you are home, put your CEO cap on and treat the home operations like a business! Train your “staff” to help run the home like a well-run machine. You may be the “staff”. Hire out if you can! Regardless of your employment status, speaking business ownership lingo will entice your interviewer to want to hear more.

Self-Awareness- Know your strengths and weaknesses. Many employers will ask, “What is one strength and one weakness of yours?” The worst answer is “Hmmm, I don’t know” or “I don’t have any weakness, I just can’t think of any.” Honestly, you may as well pack up and go home. Everyone has them, and if you do not know yours, get to know yourself! At the home front, knowing your strengths and weaknesses makes you human to your children and family. In single-hood, this is an IDEAL time to sit with your maker in this topic.

Persistence/Perseverance– The truth is, in the category of perseverance you have to know when to keep pressing in and when to let it go. Either way, making a decision can steer your persistence in the right direction. In your personal life, get to know what you value; what decisions support your family values.

Relationship Management- When I am asked, “How do you manage other people’s response of reactions to a situation?” At the time I was not certain however, it certainly got me thinking. Relationships around us, either in the workplace or at the home front, are manageable with a little soft skill savvy. Don’t believe me? Play the tape. “If I say this… or if I do that… my husband will…” You know the story! It is all about relationship management.

Dealing with Difficult Situation- 9 times out of 10 we could have influenced the multi-layer situation in a positive way. We know we are fully capable of pouring some valuable insight to make the situation much easier to handle. Why hesitate? Do not allow pride, ego, and principle to get in the way!

Each category here is chalked full of deeper insight with rippling effects!

Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to break into the workforce, self-evaluate your readiness in each of these categories before making your move.

If you want to go there (meaning deeper into one or more of the categories)… leave a comment and share which soft skill you want more information.

Those mad skills that companies think are even more important than ever. Take the time now to begin refining them.