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Find Balance in Work and Life

You could use a hand from time to time. You have worked very hard to get to where you are right now. But when will it end!

Life is tough sometimes… people wonder how you do it! They ask, “How do you juggle it all?!”

You may even be a go to person for family and friends for advice and sometimes even money.

But the truth is, you are tired. You wonder yourself how you have come this far. But, yet, you know you are capable of so much more! What you have done has served you VERY well! You did it. Paying your own, with or without support.

You are ready to take everything to the next level… IT IS TIME. All you want is to have a better life for you and your loved ones. And you’d give anything for the right support to get clear direction on how to get to the next level financially, emotionally, spiritually…

You have the drive. You are ambitious. You have even worked through things you never thought you would overcome.

But what is missing? It’s as if you are missing some puzzle pieces to get to where you know you should be and want to be.

Is it possible that…

— You really haven’t thought about what your strengths are. While you know what you can do, you have not considered it to be important to focus on what you are naturally good at.

— You hadn’t given much thought into what you value.

— Possibly you know there are mindset blocks, limiting beliefs to address.

— You’ve limited yourself for so long that it seems impossible to connect the dots to what is possible.

— And your energy is absolutely too depleted to develop an action plan.

Time to stretch and challenge your thinking with new awareness’s. But, how?

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Hello, I’m Princella Stringer…

I help professional and ambitious women who are striving to get ahead. We focus together on workplace issues and personal &/or professional relationship issues. Sometimes these intertwine and this is where my approach is different.

As a Career & Empowerment Coach, I help you identify your gifts and talents, strengths and weaknesses and help you get laser focused on what you value to stand out for promotion or how to nail that next level-up job and find your balance in it all.

For more information on how sign up for the video series! My way of giving you time and space to get to know me a little first. Finding a coach should not be rushed at the same time when you know a coach will help… do the research then make a decision!