Workplace impact

Once upon a time there was a twenty-something with ideals of a future in said industry, in said profession, in said job title. Where is that twenty-something today? Are you “in” where you dreamed you’d be?

One of our pastors, Pastor Paul delivered a message that included a statement that summed up the potential end result of ideals we develop when we idolize position and power. He said, paraphrasing here, the coming together in unity for idolizing a figure we’ve put on a pedestal becomes a “dividing toxic trick of evil”. -Pastor Paul

So, where did you dream you would be? Was there a figure in your path that you envisioned to be the epitome of your dreams?

The story most of us know is either the feeling of that dream, that powerful position as unreachable or if you’re are still striving for it you resonate with the feeling of a never-ending, exhausting sprint to get to the ideal.

You may also be familiar with this story, Mark 2:13-17. A powerful man who once walked the earth. Many admired and still do. Many in awe, many want to have the mind, thoughts and powers of Jesus. In history, many were witness to miracles performed right before their eyes. Yet, the most powerful man sought love, kindness and grace.

In the book of Mark bystanders questioned why Jesus, one we hold so high, would sit and eat with sinners and tax collectors, the lowly.

Fight against being the figure held high but has no room for the lowly. I pray you reach your goals of a workplace triumph.

Maybe you are already there! Are you the figure with no time or regard for the clerk, or the twenty-something who can’t seem to get to work on time, or the know it all who keeps making mistakes. Don’t wait… relate.